Formally Informal

Since Bridals (or "Formals" as we call it since the groom is in the photos) during the wedding day can be a bit hectic for the bride, groom, and all their surrounding family, we like to capture the happy couple in their wedding attire beforehand to alleviate as much stress as possible. Not only is this more convenient for all involved, another key benefit of shooting ahead of time is being able to provide the couple with pictures they can enlarge to any size for use at the actual wedding, whether it be table decor, a guest sign-in book or poster, or large prints for everyone to admire (and believe me, there will be lots of admiring).

This was the closest to a "rock climbing" photo we could get in wedding attire. :)

Like engagements, we like to choose locations that may have significance to the pair. It doesn't have to be an exact location, but if they are partial to the wilderness or the ocean or historic buildings, we indulge them in their preference.

 JK. Hunter & Brenna are the real deal.

JK. Hunter & Brenna are the real deal.

Brenna and Hunter are very keen on the outdoors. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, this couple does it all. We found a beautiful location up Nebo Loop near Payson, Utah where we were able to capture this energetic duo in their element.

Another place of great significance to these two newly engaged is the Payson Temple. This is where they will make covenants one with another and be sealed for all time and eternity. To be able to spend as much time as we need, without having to rush through pictures as to appease all of the wedding guests is of great value. It allows everyone to feel relaxed, and that way we can truly capture the love and excitement of the soon-to-be wed. 

The photographs from your wedding will provide memories that last a lifetime. They’re the only mementos that can invoke the countless emotions felt on your wedding day years after the event. So, let's make your formals as formally informal as we can. Because, you know, YOLO.