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From 2008-2011, a group of dance party enthusiasts hosted 30+ dance events for the college scene in Utah Valley. These events were called, "No Room For Wallflowers," because they started in a single living room (with very little space). They quickly found success, sponsors, and thousands of guests attending which led to using progressively larger venues.

2018. Our passion for dancing hasn't changed, but our marital status has. As many of you know, once you get married things drastically change. No one hosts parties for "boring ol' married folk." So where do you go if once in a while you want to take your spouse out for a night of dancing? We'd like to change that. We're starting with just one event this February, and as a 10-year-anniversary tribute to our former events, we're calling this one: No Room For Singles


 No Room For Wallflowers team, circa 2009.

No Room For Wallflowers team, circa 2009.